Coronavirus Q&A: First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford answers your questions

The First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford appeared on ITV's Coronavirus Q&A to answer questions about travel across the border into England, when schools may open and the lockdown in Wales.

Tessa asks: Would it be acceptable for me to drive my son to England from Wales to see his daughter?

"It really depends on how far you have to drive.

"If you happen to live near the border and you need to go into England, I guess that would be acceptable.

"If you're living in the far west of Wales, the answer to that question will probably be no; we ask people to stay safe, to stay local.

There are different rules on either side of the border. Credit: PA

Allison asks: How do you expect those of us who live on the border with England to listen to you?

"There is only very little difference between what happens on the left and right side of our border.

"If you live in Wales then you are subject to the rules that are made in Wales."And the reason we have our rules is simple, it's not to deny anybody freedoms we wish they could have, it is simple to continue the enormous collective effort people in Wales have made to bear down on the virus, with success.

"Nobody is safe from coronavirus, it is a disease that can affect any one of us - in Wales we are taking a careful and cautious approach to it because in the long run, we are sure that will pay dividends."

Kelly asks: How will people go back to work if schools are not reopened?

"Schools in Wales have been open right through the coronavirus crisis for key workers, people that are going back to work.

"We have more pupils in our schools today than earlier on in the period and the number has risen over the last few weeks.

"There are about 450 schools in Wales open, they have children of key workers, they have vulnerable children; if someone is going back to work, they should ask that schools if their child can return.

"When the time is right - and when it is safe to do so, for pupils and teachers - we will have more children back into schools in Wales."

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