What has happened to cruise ship staff stuck during coronavirus lockdown?

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

With coronavirus lockdown measures in place around the world, cruise ships have been stuck off coastlines unable to sail - their staff still on board.

One cruise ship worker, Cassandra Snowden has told ITV News she is worried for the mental health of employees living through the pandemic on board cruise ships.

Ms Snowden spent several weeks stuck on board the ship she works on.

"As time went on, my mental health deteriorated," she said.

"You can't help but think irrationally."

Cassandra Snowden said her 'mental health deteriorated' during the pandemic.

Ms Snowden said it was difficult not being on shore, with friends and family experiencing lockdown together.

"You're worrying about your family, you're worrying about money and everything going on at home.

"You feel like you're in this bubble and you're not in the real world".

Cruise liners and cargo ships remain anchored off the east coast of the Isle of Wight as the UK continues in lockdown. Credit: PA

Some crew members around the world have begun to protest, saying they feel trapped in the situation.

Lena Dyring, from the Norwegian Seafarers' Union, said "bottlenecks" put in place by governments around the word are "holding the situation up".

She added: "It is making it, in some instances, almost impossible to get people home".

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