Care home and nursery come together for virtual poetry session in lockdown


A care home and a nursery have come together for a virtual poetry session hosted by English author Gyles Brandreth.

Poetry Together was launched for the first time in 2019 to encourage schools and care homes to connect with each other through poetry and perform it over tea and cake.

Brandreth explains in the video: “It’s a bit difficult to do now because we have this new thing of having to be apart for a while, but it’s still fun to do.”

The children from Bear’s House Nursery in Hastings begin by reciting the words to ‘Incy wincy spider’, as the residents of Hastings Court Care Home mirror the hand motions to the poem.

The care homes residents then read out the words to Edward Lear’s ‘The Pobble Who Has No Toes’, as the nursery childrens wave around fish cut-outs they have decorated.

Children from Bear’s House Nursery in Hastings took part in the Poetry Together session. Credit:

Brandreth congratulates the group, saying: “Last year, we had more than 200 groups around the country taking part in poetry together, I have to say none of them were quite as good as you are, you are brilliant.

“That’s the longest poem we’ve had in Poetry Together, you are keeping your synapses all juiced up, you’re keeping your minds going, with that beautiful rendition of Edward Lear’s great poem – well done to all of you.”

He ends the video by mentioning that the Duchess of Cornwall is a huge supporter of Poetry Together and he will be sending her a video of the poetry session.

“If this goes on, I hope we can do it again some time soon…I hope when we’re all let out and free, the children will visit the care home,” Brandreth adds.