Emergency dental centres 'overwhelmed' in coronavirus lockdown

Dentists are warning that those needing emergency treatment can face problems with access to services and treatments available.

By March 25, most dental surgeries closed for face-to-face non-emergency treatment.

A total of 627 urgent care centres have opened across the UK, with access via your dentist or NHS 111.

Only those in the most discomfort and pain are being referred to the emergency "hubs". Facial swelling, breathing difficulties and bleeding are among symptoms qualifying as serious enough for urgent help.

ITV News heard from Ronke Adejolu whose daughter was in pain for five days before she could get a tooth removed. She told us: "I begged and said can you at least let me bring her in so you can have a look at it because I don't know what it is... I was made to feel that the pain was not severe enough for her to access urgent dental care treatment."

The Government has promised there will be rapid help for those who need it, but the British Dental Association has told ITV News that a lack of PPE is limiting emergency treatment options in some areas.

One emergency dentist, Dr Sam Shah, said: "I think the system has become overwhelmed... the limits on PPE across the country make it difficult."

An NHS spokesperson told ITV News hundreds of emergency dental hubs are available with relevant PPE for those who need them. Officials say routine dentistry will restart as soon a appropriate. For some it will a painfully long wait.