Weekly tribute to coronavirus key workers as UK gathers again to Clap for our Carers

Clapping for the UK's key workers began nine weeks ago, just as the country went into lockdown, to salute those working on the coronavirus frontline.

Now more than two months on, thousands of people across the country continue to gather on streets, doorsteps, windows and balconies to pay tribute to health and care workers.

Since March 26, locked-down communities have come together at 8pm on Thursdays to clap key workers, NHS staff and carers who are keeping the country going throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Thursday's Clap for Our Carers came after Boris Johnson's u-turn over charging overseas health and care staff the NHS fee levied on migrants.

The Prime Minister, himself a recipient of care from overseas NHS workers while being treated in ICU for Covid-19, has been out on the doorstep of Number 10 showing his appreciation since his recovery.

Last week he was joined by Carrie Symonds for the first time but this Thursday he was without his fiancee as he joined in the nationwide round of applause.

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