Pub prototypes show what bars could look like after coronavirus lockdown

It is yet another Friday night with pubs closed, but today this industry took a step towards reopening, as one of the biggest bar chains unveiled its plans.

Wetherspoon has shown ITV News precautions it will take when allowed to trade again.

There will be Perspex screens, around 10 sanitiser stations per bar, staff will be asked to sign a daily health questionnaire - and have their temperature taken.

The pub chain hopes to open 827 of its outlets when officials give the go ahead.

Today the government's task force on pub reopenings held its first meeting.

Many pubs have made changes such as the way people would enter and leave the pub. Credit: ITV News

According to one member, who spoke to ITV News, it may be tough to reach an agreement.

Many in the pub trade want social distancing to be cut to one metre.

The industry is also lobbying for early reopenings for 27,000 U.K. pubs with beer gardens.

The government will consider opening pubs from July 4 in England - however elsewhere in the U.K., including Scotland and Wales, will be throwing efforts into keeping us distanced.

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