How to keep your pets cool and help them if they're suffering with hay fever

During the summer months, hay fever can be a nightmare!

But did you know that your pets can suffer with hay fever too?

Signs that they may be affected by the pollen levels include licking or biting their paws, excessive scratching and being tired or lethargic on days when the pollen count is high.

This cat was spotted catching some rays from the window. Credit: Flickr: Pembrokeshire Snapper

Tips to help your pets suffering from hay fever:

  • Check the pollen forecast;

  • Try to avoid walking your dog in early morning and late evening as this is usually when the pollen count is highest. The best time to take dogs out is when the pollen is low, such as before dawn, late afternoon and early evening, though these times vary depending on the weather;

  • Wipe their paws and muzzle after every walk;

  • Brush them daily to help to remove any pollen that is clinging to their fur;

  • Keep long-haired dogs’ fur trimmed short may help reduce pollen problems, as well as keeping them cooler in the hot weather;

  • Wash them weekly – a weekly bath can help to get rid of any lingering pollen;

  • Wash their bedding weekly.

This wallaby was spotted near a canal in Neath taking in the sunshine. Credit: Twitter: @Bridavid10

It's also important during the warm and dry weather conditions to help keep your pets cool.

The RSPCA says owners should make sure their pets have access to shade and drinking water, give them damp towels to lie on and can even fill a paddling pool with water for them to cool off in.

Here are some of your pictures of pets during lockdown:

Tegan is wondering when they can go out for their next walk. Credit: Flickr: Martin Pritchard
Didi has been enjoying the sunshine. Credit: Paul Davies
Credit: Twitter: @twigshouse
This cat is keeping a close eye on the birds. Credit: Flickr: Steve Wainwright
This dog was taking in the fresh air and sunshine on Rhyl Beach. Credit: Twitter: @ChrisVEvans
Megan enjoying her daily exercise with Castle Coch in the background. Credit: Flickr: John Bulpin