• Video report by ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

A nurse who has given almost 50 years of her life to the NHS has said she owes her life to her colleagues.

Sue Snelson spent 10 days being treated for coronavirus on the intensive care unit in Scunthorpe she once ran, after one of her colleagues urged her to go to hospital, despite a negative Covid-19 test.

She's now recovering at home and has told ITV News that all she wants to do is get back to work.

Ms Snelson is now recovering at home and knows how close she was to a very different outcome, saying she feels lucky to be alive.

She's also in regular touch with her friends and colleagues who helped save her life.

Ms Snelson told ITV News how when she was put on a ventilator, her husband and daughter were "warned that the outcome might not be very good".

Sue is so dedicated and even now she's only got one thing on her mind - going back to care for others. Credit: ITV News

Not only was her illness hard for her family, but Ms Snelson's colleagues were suddenly her carers.

"Looking after a colleague, a team member, but also a friend as well, it really did hit the staff hard," nurse Emily Bexton recalled.

"Especially in those couple of days where things weren't looking so good and we were at the point where it could have gone either way."

As she recuperates at home, Ms Snelson has said she only has one thing on her mind; going back to care for others.

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