ITV News exclusive: Prince Jackson hands out free meals during coronavirus pandemic with charity Heal Los Angeles

Michael Jackson’s eldest child Prince, who was inspired by his father to set up a charity, is helping in the Covid-19 effort by handing out meals during the pandemic.

The 23-year-old has partnered with a meal delivery service based in Los Angeles to provide free meals to those in need and healthcare workers.

The celebrity offspring co-founded the Heal Los Angeles Foundation – a charity aimed at improving the life of inner-city youth in Los Angeles and to combat hunger and homelessness.

He says he was inspired by his father's philanthropy and "his hard work ethic" to set up Heal LA and saw the need to lend a hand during the pandemic - which has so far claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people in the US.

In an exclusive message recorded for ITV News, Jackson says the charity has handed out more than 5,000 meals to 800 households.

“With the Covid-19 they are really swamped at the hospital. Often times it’s difficult to get a meal and when they do get a meal, it’s very often that it’s not nutritious, it’s just something to keep them going, but that’s why we wanted to give them a good quality nutritious meal,” Jackson explains.

The charity hand out bento boxes – made up of rice, protein and vegetables – with delivery service Fresh n’ Lean.

Jackson says they “have had only great feedback from the different people in the hospitals that we deliver to.”

Heal LA hand out meals at the Gospel Mission Baptist Church – where Pastor Raymond Dennis works.

“We became a partner with Fresh n’ Lean and Heal LA, to respond to the need to mitigate hunger in the south Los Angeles area by providing meals to the community daily,” Pastor Dennis said.

Jackson told ITV News of the inspiration behind the charity – and said his father is his biggest driving force.

“It’s not secret I’m greatly inspired by my father and his dedication, his hard work ethic…he’s known for his financial contribution to charities around the world,” he said.

“The most impactful thing to the communities he wished to help, was his little acts of helping people, even if it’s just showing up and dedicating your time and it’s because of that, that the Heal LA Foundation felt the need to jump on the Covid-19 relief efforts.”