Volunteer PPE producer 'forced to stop' due to new safety regulations

Since the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) first became known during the coronavirus crisis, volunteers have crafted homemade supplies to help meet demand.

But some now fear they will no longer be able to help, due to new regulations brought in by the government to ensure equipment passes safety tests.

One man who has used his 3D printers to make 100,000 visors says his items are "no different" from the items imported from countries like Turkey and China.

Some medics have protested about reported poor quality and lack of PPE. Credit: AP

Kyle Millett - who repurposed his printers from making model planes to making PPE - told ITV News he is being forced to stop production.

"I can understand there have to be safety measures put in place and the visors and the equipment have to meet a certain standard," he said.

"But the visors we're producing on the printers are no different to the ones coming in from Turkey or China or anywhere else."

One of the people to have benefited from the visors made by Mr Millett is Sally Brice, Director of Mountbatten Nursing home.

She told ITV News the visors had helped "protect our residents".

Volunteers have helped make visors, face masks, gloves, and gowns amid shortages. Credit: AP

Mark Roscrow, from the Healthcare Supply Association, says it is vital that PPE is key to the very highest standard.

He told ITV News: "I think it's important [...] a product that wasn't of the right standard - made by people who think they are helping - could be more detrimental".