Reopening of England's schools amid lockdown easing leads Monday's papers

What the papers say – June 1

Schools reopening due to the lifting of coronavirus lockdown measures in England dominates the Monday papers.

Despite Boris Johnson's government giving the go-ahead for schools reopening, The Guardian and Daily Mirror say that up to one million pupils in England are still more likely to stay at home than attend class.

While The Daily Telegraph says teaching over summer will be needed to stop vulnerable children "falling behind".

Meanwhile, The Sun and i lead with the easing of England's lockdown restrictions after more than two months.

The Metro, however, leads with a warning from Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab that targeted restrictions could be reimposed on cities and towns if the virus spikes again.

The Times says a proposed two-week quarantine for people entering Britain would "kill" the nation's travel industry.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in "almost 2.5 million" cancer patients missing out on vital tests and treatment, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Express leads with a story on Boris Johnson's "defiant" stance on Brexit negotiations.

Former deputy Labour leader Tom Watson is among three Jeremy Corbyn nominees to have their peerages blocked, according to The Independent.

UK banks fear that up to half of the "bounce back" loans handed out during the pandemic are "unlikely to be repaid",the Financial Times reports.

And the Daily Star says Britain is being "overrun" by rats as the animals take advantage of lockdown measures that have emptied streets and offices.