Family thank medics as they finally bring baby boy home after coronavirus and open heart surgery

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

A baby boy is safely back at home with his parents after being diagnosed with coronavirus and undergoing open heart surgery.

Thomas Lovell spent the first few weeks of his life inside a hospital as medics tried desperately to keep him alive through two life threatening conditions.

Doctors were initially treating the newborn for Covid-19 but after he failed to respond to treatment, they found Thomas also had congenital heart disease.

As staff at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington did all they could for the young patient they were forced at one point take young Thomas off a ventilator and manually pump oxygen into his lungs.

It's a scene his mother Sadie described as "devastating to watch".

She said she knew if it didn't work then "he's not going to make it".

Throughout the ordeal first-time parents Sadie and Steven Lovell were limited in how often they could see their son due to restrictions in place as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Only one parent was allowed in the ward at each time, father Steven had to keep in touch via video call - a distance he says was "very difficult".

Thomas' heart condition was starving his body of oxygen.

It was the discovery of an diagnosed heart condition that gave the Lovells hope - which Sadie admitted is "ironic".

"I remember smiling, which is so ironic when you find out your son has congenital heart disease.

"I remember being very happy because finally it was a diagnosis."

Thomas was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital for open-heart surgery.

This time it was father Steven who was at his bedside with Sadie, having tested positive for Covid-19, unable to be near her son.

New father Steven with young Thomas after his heart surgery.

Now recovered and safely at home with both parents, the little baby boy is thriving.

Sadie and Steven even had the chance to thank the medics who helped care for their son.

Speaking to senior staff nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Sally Keir, via video call. The couple said: "It is truly down to you guys why he's still here".

They added: "You were amazing".

It seems Thomas made friends among the medical staff too, Ms Keir described the newborn as "a little superstar".