'March for Change': Monday papers lead on Black Lives Matter protests

What the papers say – June 8

The front pages are led by more fallout from the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that continued to take place throughout the UK on Sunday.

The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail lead with Sunday’s anti-racism protests, which saw a statue of slave trader Edward Colston dumped into the harbour in Bristol.

Meanwhile The Guardian reports “senior black politicians and campaigners” have accused the Government of “ignorance” towards racism in the UK.

The Daily Telegraph says issues remain around the Government’s mandatory quarantine regulations, which officially come into force today.

Boris Johnson is preparing to announce new laws aimed at preventing foreign takeovers of British companies that might pose national security concerns, according to The Times.

The Independent leads with children’s commissioner for England Anne Longfield’s warning that new rules which cut back inspections of children in care during the pandemic have left the nation’s “most valuable youngsters” less protected.

The i reports mayors in northern cities are to urge their citizens to continue to stay at home due to high local coronavirus transmission rates.

The Sun says the Department of Justice in the US has formally requested Britain “hand over” Prince Andrew for questioning regarding his relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The PM is preparing to unveil a “battle plan” to save 3.5 million jobs and “get the economy up and running again”, according to the Daily Express.

The Financial Times leads with a shipping industry warning that Covid-19 travel restrictions have left 400,000 crew members either at sea or at home, posing a risk to global trade.

And the Daily Star says a hosepipe ban could be enforced following the nation’s “dry spring” and a coming “baking summer”.