'You have changed the world': George Floyd's brother makes remarkable plea before Congress

Just a day after he buried his beloved big brother, Philonise Floyd has delivered an extraordinary call for action.

As Congress begins a debate about overhauling US policing, Floyd family members have emerged as powerful advocates for accountability and for reform.

Yesterday we heard from Floyd's young niece, asking the devastating question at the funeral: "When has America ever been great?"

Philonise Floyd with mourners at George Floyd's funeral in Houston on Tuesday. Credit: AP

Today, before Congress, in a moving tribute to George Floyd - "a gentle giant" - his brother spoke of how even in his dying moments George was calling the police officers who were pinning him down and suffocating him "sir."

Philonise said he was "tired, tired, tired" of the pain.

But as he looked up to heaven, he promised his big brother: "You have changed the world. I hope you can rest in peace."

  • Watch Philonise Floyd's full address to Congress:

The national outrage over the death of George Floyd is real.

And his brother has today made the searing loss of one family the anguish of a nation.