Toddler learns ITV News' theme tune off by heart and even dances in sync to the music

A toddler has become a serious fan of ITV News and has learnt the theme tune off by heart, even dancing in complete sync to the closing titles.

Arlo Ashby became "obsessed" with the opening and closing theme tune over the past week, his dad Callum Ashby told ITV News.

The 21-month-old from Nuneaton has even learnt the music off by heart and has been singing the music in his cot.

His dad said: "It’s just something we’ve noticed he’s been doing, if the news is on, as soon as it gets to that bit, he becomes fixated on the TV and he has become perfectly timed.

"He’ll run around and as it gets to the last bit, he’ll be ready to stand still and jump up and down to the bongs."

Arlo's dad continued: "We have got no end of videos of him to different ones, to the point where if he’s watching cartoons he will bring the remote, because he’s not properly talking yet, and he’ll keep passing you the remote until you go to YouTube and find the ITV News’ theme tune."

Arlo has been watching the history of ITV News' theme tunes from the 1980s onwards and sits watching and bopping along to the music on his iPad, Callum said.

“If I was to go and turn that off and put cartoons on, he’d just go mad, he’ll want it back on,” he said.

Arlo has become obsessed by the ITV News' theme tune. Credit: Callum Ashby

“When it gets past the bongs, he will sit and watch the TV and want you to rewind it.

"We’ve airdropped a video of himself listening to the theme tune, and he knows how to get to the camera roll and keeps pressing play and just watching the same song over and over.

“That’s all he’s obsessed with at the minute.”

The musically tuned in toddler doesn’t have to watch the theme music on the TV – he now knows it by memory.

The 21-month-old even knows the tune off by heart. Credit: Callum Ashby

Callum said: “His mum [Laura] woke up this morning and saw on the baby monitor he was doing it in his cot. He doesn’t have to watch it from the TV.

“We went on a walk yesterday and he sung the theme tune.”

His dad says he “can’t believe how passionate he is with it”.

"We are so impressed that Arlo has learnt this off by heart at just 21 months old and we love how much he loves it," Callum added.

"It has kept us and our family and friends entertained and we are glad it’s making other people smile too."