Protesters demand justice for Adama Traoré

Assa Traoré wears a t-shirt which says "Justice for Adama, without justice you will never have peace."

She knows the price of peace - Adama is her brother.

He died four years ago detained by French police after running away from them because he wasn't carrying his identity documents.

She has been campaigning ever since.

Now the death of George Floyd has reinforced the family's pain and fuelled their frustration.

All these years on, the officers involved in his detention have just been cleared of any involvement in Adama's death.

That decision has triggered protests across France and led to her brother being dubbed the 'French George Floyd'.

Tomorrow they will protest again in central Paris.

Assa wants a peaceful gathering.

Protesters in Paris on June 2 declared 'We are all George Floyd' and invoked the name of Adama Traoré. Credit: AP

She has no wish for violence, but fears taking her children with her, as trouble has broken out before.

She hopes their futures will be ones in which they respect and are respected by the founding values of France - freedom and equality - the values she believes her brother was robbed of.

Assa is now seeking the peace she was robbed of - the peace she believes justice will provide.