Europe's borders reopening gives hope to businesses

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Emma Murphy

Age may have slowed Luigi Aceto but it has not dimmed his love of the lemon groves he has spent his life in.

High on the Amalfi Coast the ancient trees have provided for his family for six generations.

Coronavirus has threatened the survival of the terraces, leaving Luigi and his son, Salvatore, fearing for the further of their groves.

With restaurants and hotels closed there has been no market for the lemons and with the borders closed there are no tourists.

As Italy's borders re-open the family's lemon grove tours are about to re-start.

Carmella will once again welcome tourists who have been missed for months.

Before coronavirus hit bad weather had harmed the harvest - a double blow for a man who has devoted his life to his groves.

For Luigi the lemons and his love for them will live on.