The UK goes Coal Free for the longest time in history to create electricity

In mid June 2020, Great Britain broke the record for the longest period of time without burning coal to generate electricity - over 2 months. It came to an end on 16th June (10:45PM) making the record 67 days, 22 hours & 55 minutes without using coal to generate electricity.

Since entering lockdown the UK has had less demand for electricity but overall Britain is rapidly phasing out coal in 2012 40% of our electricity was generated by coal, in 2019 it was only 2%. During the coal free period, 37% of the UK's electricity was from renewable energy, this is a huge growth compared to only 3% just 10 years ago. That's the first time this year that renewable energy has outweighed fossil fuels.

Watch Laura Tobin explain more in the video below