Chris Patten: Chinese government is behaving in 'aggressive and loutish' way

Hong Kong's last British governor has told ITV News China's passing of a new national security law puts an end to the "one country, two systems" framework, which was agreed when the territory was handed back to Beijing 23 years ago.

Chris Patten watched as the Union flag was lowered over the former colony on July 1, 1997, following more than 150 years of British rule.As part of the handover, Beijing signed an agreement, lodged at the UN, to respect Hong Kong's autonomy and all that came with it - freedom of speech, assembly and an independent judiciary - for 50 years.But in an interview with ITV News, Lord Patten told ITV News Correspondent Ivor Bennett the new legislation, which criminalises sedition and subversive activities, will "drive a coach and horses" through that agreement, and will put in danger the civil liberties it was supposed to uphold."If Hong Kong is damaged, it's because of Xi Jinping" he said, before accusing China's current leader of "turning the screw" on Hong Kong.When asked whether the UK should reduce the involvement of Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, in Britain's 5G network as retaliation for the move, the former Conservative MP said there was a "growing body of opinion" in the Houses of Parliament that the government should review the decision to allow it a limited role in building the infrastructure."It's ridiculous to treat Huawei as though they were just another multinational company. They will do whatever the Chinese government will tell them to do", he said.