Having people round this weekend? Here's what you can - and can't - do in your home

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Children playing in a field during lockdown. Credit: PA

While the hospitality industry opens its doors to the public, others will be opening their front door to friends and family as, from this Saturday, more people in England will be able to invite other people into their homes for the first time since March. 

But things will not be quite as they once were. 

So if you are thinking about having a few people round for drinks this weekend - or are planning on visiting friends and family after many weeks apart - here's what you can and can't do in your own four walls.

Two households will be able to meet indoors in any setting, not just outside. Credit: SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA Images

You can only meet in groups of two households

While you can meet up anywhere - public or private, indoors or out - you can only meet up with one other household (your support bubble counts as one household) inside. 

There are no limits on the size of a household (although it is prohibited to meet up with more than 30 people) and you need to ensure you have plenty of space to socially distance. 

Despite the one household at a time rule, you can meet up with more than one household in a day, so, in theory you could invite your parents around for coffee in the morning and meet friends who live together in the afternoon. 

You must keep a safe distance from others Credit: PA

You must remain apart

Despite being reunited with friends and family for the first time in almost four months, you will have to resist the urge to hug or touch. 

While you can eat and drink, and even stay over, together, you should socially distance from anyone not in your household or bubble.

This means staying, ideally, two metres apart, but from Saturday one metre plus is deemed good enough if you employ what prime minister Boris Johnson calls mitigation - that is taking extra steps to keep safe such as wearing a mask, regularly washing hands and sitting side by side with people, rather than face to face.

Your household and one other can eat together indoors - but maintain a distance. Credit: PA

Can I meet up with more people in my garden?

Yes - and no. As of 18 June people have been able to meet outdoors in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines.

As of Saturday you and your household can meet up with more than six people in your garden from one - and only one - other household.

So, for example, you could be a group of six from six households, or a group of 10 people from two households. But a group of seven from three households is still not allowed.

Can I stay overnight?

Yes, from 4 July you can spend the night away from your home with other members of your own household or support bubble.

But, again, no touching and do take hygiene and safety precautions even if they may seem jarring among close friends and family.

If possible, avoid sharing plates and utensils and perhaps take your own towels. You can sit down and eat together, but again, refrain from sitting too close.

Is there a limit over how far I can travel?

In England, no. In theory you can go as far as you like (until you reach a border with Wales - at least until next week).

But people are still being asked to avoid using public transport and should cycle, walk or drive wherever possible. Of course, this rather limits those without a car, so if you need to use public transport, you should follow the government's safer travel guidance for passengers, which includes the mandatory wearing of masks. 

The five-mile rule in Wales is to be scrapped on Monday 6 July, while a similar restriction was lifted in most parts of Scotland as of Thursday 3 July.

Be aware that it is impossible to socially distance in (most) cars, so only give lifts to those in your household or bubble. 

You can stay over in a hotel or someone else's home from Saturday. Credit: PA

What can't I do?

You can not hold or attend a party where it would be difficult to maintain social distancing - remember that no-more-than-30 people rule. 

Get too close. Social distancing remains one of our greatest defences against the virus so do keep to two metres if you can, or, if not, one metre plus.

Meet more than one household indoors. And remember, you can only meet up with one other household at once, unless you’re outdoors and there are no more than six of you.

But you can see more than one household on a given day. Just not at the same time.