Blind six-year-old's cheerful videos lifting nation's spirits

Video report by Midlands Reporter Ben Chapman

Finding reasons to be cheerful has understandably been a bit more challenging in recent weeks - it’s left many of us looking for anything to lift our spirits during darker moments.

Here to raise the nation’s spirits is six-year-old Betsy Faye Griffin who’s made it her mission to deliver positive messages to the world through her online videos.

“I am going to make this channel be the best channel you’ve ever seen in your life, ever in your life!”

And she’s living up to her promise with workout tips, songs, essential dietary advice (“don’t forget to eat chocolate”) and wise words.

Betsy knows the power of positive thought better than most.

Aged just two, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour that caused her to lose her sight.

But she told ITV News that is what spurs her on.