First quarantine-free flights leave Malaga for the UK

I am a self-confessed airport crier even in good times when coronavirus hasn’t separated loved ones for months.

As a result, I probably wasn’t the best person to cover the lifting of quarantine restrictions.

Malaga airport this morning was full of delighted, teary reunions and high expectations.

Partners, grandparents, friends finally able to travel safe in the knowledge they wouldn’t have to isolate on return to parts of the UK.

Arrivals may have been quiet by Spain’s usual summer standards, but from early, flight after flight landed from the UK - excited passengers bursting out into the sun to cuddles, squeals and a lot of happy tears.

In departures, the check-in lines back to London weren’t terribly long, but most of the people in them were desperate to get back having hung on until quarantine had been lifted.

  • Emma Murphy on board one of the first quarantine-free flights:

The overwhelming sentiment was one of relief that some normality is now returning to travel and a hope that it will continue.

Also, with quarantine now gone, I get to come home too. I suspect after so many months when I finally get my hands on my little nieces tonight the squeals and tears of Malaga will have nothing on Manchester!

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