Banksy sprays London Underground mask message with rats and coughs

140720 Banksy rat masks london underground
Banksy has painted rats on the London Underground. Credit: Banksy/Instagram

Banksy has taken to the London Underground to spray-paint messages to highlight the importance of wearing a face covering.

With the caption 'if you don't mask - you don't get', the artist shared a video on his Instagram account of him creating pictures of rats coughing.

Green paint is splattered across the windows in train carriages to reflect the expulsion of droplets in the air from coughing.

The government confirmed on Tuesday that it will be mandatory to wear a face covering in shops - with a £100 fine for anyone who doesn't comply from July 24.

Masks and face coverings have already been made compulsory in other countries, including Scotland and Italy.

In his latest work, Banksy appears to warn anyone failing to heed health experts' advice in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.