Seasonal businesses 'decimated' by Ireland's 14-day quarantine rules

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman

While air bridges have been built between the UK and many other countries, neighbouring Ireland still remains closed to visitors.

A 14-day quarantine for visitors to Ireland will change next week for some countries, although Britain is unlikely to be on the list, but the effect it has had on some seasonal Irish business has been nothing short of devastating.

Wexford Shopkeeper Chris Derwin told ITV News the Covid-19 outbreak has "nearly decimated the income of my family".

The seaside shop is only open for six months a year - and they have already lost three of those - and their income is down as much as 70%.

A 'green list' of countries whose people are welcome to Ireland is due to be published on Monday giving some much needed hope to the country tourism industry and the nation's economy that relies so heavily on it.

But the country’s foreign minister warned it was unlikely to be long as there many voices who are urging the government not to open up to countries with a higher rate of coronavirus infections - including the UK.