'It completely reframes your life': The people who have had coronavirus but are suffering long lasting effects

The NHS has said it will start a Covid-19 rehab service for people who have been suffering with the long-term effects of the virus.

The Your Covid Recovery Service will initially launch online later this month amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it will become a face-to-face portal when safe to do so.

Sufferers have revealed they have experienced memory loss, breathlessness, fatigue, rashes and nightmares among other lingering symptoms since contracting coronavirus.

Speaking to ITV News, film director Gez Medinger said that "it is very difficult to get out of bed on most days" and revealed the impact the virus has had on his professional and day-to-day life.

He said months on from first being diagnosed, he still suffered from bouts of heavy fatigue - and was unable to plan as he just did not know how he would be feeling each day.

Dr Sarah Jarvis also told ITV News that Mr Medinger was far from unique. She has advised Covid-19 survivors "not to do too much too soon" and to pace themselves to prevent the long-term symptoms from being brought on.