Team jump out of helicopter, land on top of mountain and then base jump in wing suits from summit

If jumping out of a helicopter wasn't enough, three daredevils in Norway then landed on top of a mountain before basejumping from the top of that wearing wing suits.

While Bjorn Magne Bryn has completed more than 7,000 jumps in his carer, the footage he released of one of his latest is jaw-dropping.

After jumping out of a helicopter alongside team mates Andreas Hemli and Kim Gongsholt, the trio landed on top of 4,567ft tall Stetind mountain, before base jumping from its summit just 30 seconds later.

Describing why he did the stunt - which the team carried out on July 14 - Bryn said he "loved doing new things" but that the "very technical" helicopter and base jump from Stetind is his favourite to date.

In the past, the 43-year-old has done a parachute jump before landing in a Ford Mustang Cabriolet traveling at 50 miles per hour, and swooped under a snowmobile that backflipped over him.