What happened when Daisy the 55kg St Bernard dog refused to budge?

  • Video report by ITV News correspondent Stacey Foster

They're traditionally associated with leading mountain rescue efforts but when Daisy the 55kg St Bernard dog decided she'd had enough, the tables were turned.

Not knowing how to get their beloved pet off England's highest peak, Scafell Pike, her owners called for assistance from the Wasdale MRT who were happy to oblige.

But the rescue wasn't without its challenges due to size of exhausted Daisy. Daisy was also showing signs of pain in her legs and the team called on the advice of local vets before moving her onto a stretcher to take her off the peak.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue said: "After a little persuasion and a bit of arranging the stretcher to become dog friendly and of course plenty more treats, the 55kg Daisy very quickly settled down with her chin resting on the head guard, having realised that we were trying to help her."