The most bizarre moments from Johnny Depp's libel case

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's fiery marriage has been revealed in court over the past three weeks. Intimate details of the Hollywood couple's relationship have been heard as the Pirates of the Caribbean star tries to prove he is not a "wife beater" as the Sun Newspaper claimed in 2018.But as arguably the biggest libel case to be heard in the UK in the 21st century wraps up, what have we learned about the former couple?From "Amber Turd" to a cannabis scoffing dog, here are some of the bizarre claims the court has heard:

The 'poop' incident 

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp outside court Credit: PA

Amber Heard got the new nickname "Amber Turd" after she was accused of defecating in the bed of their LA penthouse. The soiled sheets were discovered by a cleaner who was convinced the mess was made by a human and not from their pet Yorkshire terriers.Ms Heard's defence said the faeces were from one of their pet dogs Boo who “had problems with her toilet habits".The court also heard that their dog had toilet trouble after eating a bag of Depp's marijuana."Amber Turd", "MePoo" and "PoopGate" all trended on Twitter shortly after the incident was revealed during the trial but US media have politely called it "the poop incident".

The dog incident

The former couple's pet dogs featured several times during the three week trial. Johnny Depp admitted in court that he had in the past joked about microwaving one of them.

It was also claimed he dangled one of the dogs out of a car window during a drive, howling as he did so.

The sliced finger moment 

Johnny Depp on the final day of hearings at the High Court in London. Credit: PA

The Edward Scissorhands actor had the top of his finger sliced off in an incident in 2015.While Mr Depp was filming for an instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the couple had "an extraordinary argument" - something they both admit.During the heated exchange Mr Depp had the tip of his finger sliced off which he claims was from a bottle thrown by Ms Heard.

However, the 34-year-old called his version of events nonsense, suggesting Mr Depp did it to himself when he repeatedly smashed a phone into the wall. The court was told that after the fight pieces of raw meat were littered around where they were staying and mashed potato was smeared on the walls by Mr Depp.More disturbingly, Ms Heard said she found messages from her ex-husband written on a mirror in the actor's own blood.

The staircase incident

Johnny Depp with former flame Kate Moss in 1998. Credit: PA

Amber Heard was accused of being violent towards Mr Depp several times throughout the trial.The actress admitted to stepping in once to stop her ex-husband throwing her sister, Whitney Henriquez, down the staircase.The actress said she had heard the 57-year-old had once thrown his former girlfriend Kate Moss down some stairs and wanted to stop him repeating those actions.

The ice-cream incident

Johnny Depp in court Credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA

Johnny Depp openly talked about his use of alcohol and drugs, having started taking them when he was a teenager.The court was shown a series of photos showing Mr Depp's excessive drug useOne photo showed the actor slumped over with a tub of ice-cream running down his leg after taking some kind of substance.It was also revealed that the actor, along with Heard's sister, used a tampon applicator to snort cocaine.

The bombshell video

Amber Heard arrived at court with her sister on multiple occasions. Credit: PA

Ms Henriquez's name featured multiple times during the trial due to her close relationship with her sister. She appeared in a reality TV show where her female co-stars accused Ms Heard of being responsible for bruises on Ms Henriquez's arms. The footage, filmed between 2006-2007, was submitted as evidence that Amber Heard could be violent but her side say it is a complete irrelevance and should be ignored. 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arriving at the Met Gala event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2014 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/PA

Judge Andrew Nicol has to decide which star has been telling the truth and is expected to deliver a verdict by September.