'There is no one like you': Brian Blessed sends out inspirational message

Brian Blessed has inspired people for generations. Credit: PA

Actor Brian Blessed has sent out an inspirational message for people to follow their dreams rather than be dictated to by fear.

The 83-year-old is well-known for his boisterous nature and love of adventure, having attempted to climb Mount Everest without oxygen three times.

A role in Z-Cars made Blessed a household name in the 1960's and he has since gone on to star in numerous Shakespeare plays.

Considering his professional work and feats of endurance, many will have been inspired already by the octogenarian but he is still looking to do more.

“I say to people that nature doesn’t cheat," Blessed told Lorraine.

"There is no one like you, we’ve all got something no body else has got.

"And you’ve got to be allowed to fulfil your dream, don’t let people stop you fulfilling your dreams.

"I think you must go for it.

"I am totally fearless, I train every day, not out of vanity but the expeditions I want to do; I bench press 300lbs, I am 83 years of age, I do five-mile runs.

"I think we’ve all got these special qualities."

Blessed also offered a more succinct message to coronavirus, he said: "This Covid virus – I really want to say one swear word – b***** off!

“We will beat it, it will go away. I believe in the human spirit and we are showing immense courage in this country, down to the NHS.”