Jo Johnson, Evgeny Lebedev and Ian Botham among 36 peerage nominations

Boris Johnson has given his brother Jo a seat in the House of Lords.
Boris Johnson has given his brother Jo a seat in the House of Lords. Credit: PA

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticised after 36 people were nominated for peerages, including his brother Jo, millionaire Evgeny Lebedev and cricketer Ian Botham.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May's husband is also being honoured, but with a knighthood rather than a peerage.

Angry social media users vented their outrage at the prime minister giving his brother a seat in the House of Lords, while the lord speaker labelled the nominations a "lost opportunity".

Many on Twitter suggested the nominations were an example of "cronyism", with many of the prime minister's nominations known to be his friends.

Several Brexit supporters were also awarded peerages, including former Labour MP Kate Hoey.

The lord speaker attacked the nominations, which will result in the House of Lords being nearly 830 strong – "almost 200 greater than the House of Commons".

Boris Johnson and millionaire friend Evgeny Lebedev, who the PM has nominated for a peerage. Credit: PA

“That is a massive policy u-turn. It was only two years ago that the then prime minister, Mrs May, pledged herself to a policy of ‘restraint’ in the number of new appointments," said Lord Fowler.

He added how it was a "vast pity" for the nominations to be made "within the first few days of the summer recess when neither House is sitting, and the Government cannot be challenged in Parliament".

Here is the full list of nominations:

  • Dissolution Peerages

Nominations from the Leader of the Conservative Party:

1. Sir Henry Bellingham2. Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke CH QC3. Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP4. Rt Hon Philip Hammond5. Rt Hon Nicholas Herbert CBE6. Rt Hon Joseph Johnson7. Colonel Rt Hon John Mark Lancaster TD VR8. Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin CH9. Aamer Sarfraz10. Rt Hon Edward Vaizey

Nominations from the Leader of the Labour Party:

11. Kathryn Clark12. Brinley Davies

Nominations from the Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party:

13. Rt Hon Nigel Dodds OBE

Nominations for non-affiliated Peerages

14. Rt Hon Frank Field15. Catharine Hoey16. Ian Austin17. Rt Hon Gisela Stuart18. John Woodcock

  • Political Peerages

Nominations from the Leader of the Conservative Party:

1. Lorraine Fullbrook2. Sir Edward Udny-Lister3. Daniel Moylan4. Andrew Sharpe OBE5. Michael Spencer6. Veronica Wadley CBE7. James Wharton8. Dame Helena Morrissey9. Neil Mendoza

Nominations from the former Leader of the Labour Party

10. Susan Hayman11. Prem Sikka12. Anthony Woodley

Nominations for non-affiliated Peerages

13. Claire Fox14. Charles Moore

Nominations for Crossbench Peerages

15. Sir Ian Botham16. Dame Louise Casey17. Evgeny Lebedev18. Dame Nemat (Minouche) Shafik