Will Trump Win? podcast: 2016 called to say write Donald Trump off at your peril

Donald Trump
Can Donald Trump defy the odds again and remain at the top table of power players? Credit: PA

When Robert Moore and I were asked to do a US election podcast, the question naturally turned to a name.

Sadly our budget didn’t extend to a Dominic Cummings-esque set of focus groups so, left to our own devices, we asked ourselves what this election was truly about. 

And it’s about one man - Donald Trump.

When I told colleagues and friends here in the UK I was doing a podcast about the US presidential race, the same question came up again and again: Will Trump win?And so, here we are.

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Glance at the opinion polls, read the President’s tweets or watch his increasingly bizarre television interviews and you’d be forgiven for thinking “how could he win?”

But folks, 2016 called and it’s telling you to underestimate Donald Trump at your peril.

The podcast will explore the various factors that will ultimately determine who will win on November 3rd, and address the questions YOU want answering - including those quirks about American politics you’re maybe half aware of but were afraid to ask about...What is the electoral college?

How did Trump lose the popular vote in 2016 but still become president?

Where are the important battleground states?

Why is Florida always so important?

And many, many more.

To ask a question, tweet us @RobertMooreITV or @DanielHewittITV.

We will also have guest experts each week on hand, and interviews from those immersed in US political life from Biden and Trump insiders to White House commentators and correspondents.

All in our attempt to answer that ultimate question: Will Trump Win?

Want to join us to find out?

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