'I don't feel protected': Wretch 32 says 'there's not enough trust' between police and public at protest outside station

Rapper Wretch 32 has told ITV News he "doesn't feel protected" by police during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest at Tottenham Police Station.

His comments came as hundreds of people have gathered outside the station to support rapper Wretch 32 – whose father was Tasered by police – and to protest against racism in the force.

Black Lives Matter activists gathered peacefully in scorching temperatures to hear speeches and demonstrate, calling for an end to the "over-policing of black communities".

The 35-year-old musician, whose real name is Jermaine Scott, posted a video on Twitter of his father Millard Scott, 62, falling downstairs after being Tasered by officers in north London in April.

The Metropolitan Police said no further action will be taken over the incident.

Wretch 32 could be seen mingling in the crowd on Saturday, as protesters spoke of their own treatment at the hands of police.

The rapper told ITV News: "There's not enough trust. We're looking at the police to protect and serve and I don't feel protected."

"My dad doesn't feel protected. My son doesn't feel protected. When they're using the word 'serve' I just want to know what they mean by that. Is it the service my dad required?

"He was not protected... He was harmed. Is that the service? Something needs to change."

ITV News Correspondent John Ray asked the rapper if things have changed for good since the Broadwater Farm riots in 1986.

"The thing that has got better is that we can document," the rapper said.

"Now everybody has a phone and when they see something they can document it there and then on the spot so now, everyone can see what we've been going through.

"If you look at the situation with George Floyd, we know that that situation happened countless times. When you remove the camera it's a story you've heard about.

"But when you can physically see it, it leaves a different taste in your mouth - that's why there was such an uproar - because it was filmed."

While several BLM marches across the UK were sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd in the US, this protest in Tottenham takes place on the ninth anniversary of the 2011 London riots

The riots were sparked by the death of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old black man who was fatally shot by a police officer in Tottenham on August 4 2011, resulting in protests and rioting across the country. 

The protest comes just a day after a 14-year-old and two youth workers were arrested by officers which then led to community blockade surrounding the station demanding their release on Friday.

Activists are also calling for the end of "the use of excessive force" and for police to "stop the use of tasers and issuing S60 searches".

The protest is being organised by a number of campaigning groups including Tottenham Rights, The 4Front Project, The Monitoring Group, Black Lives Matter UK and Stopwatch.

Speakers have passionately addressed protesters saying: "We want reform, we want a revolution."

They added: "When people ask you what do you want, we want investment in our community... We want investment in our young black lives, we want investment in our lives, we want love, we want healing and we want peace."