'A murder of incompetence': Parents of three-year-old Beirut blast victim speak out

  • Video report by ITV news correspondent Emma Murphy

At three-years-old, Alexandra Naggear loved Disney films. Snow White was her favourite.

And so when she was buried she was wearing her treasured Snow White dress.

A child delighted by fairy stories whose name is now written into the nightmare story of her country.

Her parents are not public people. They do not seek to have their deeply personal loss played out in a public forum but they want the world to understand the situation here.

In life they took her to the protests against corruption. In death they hope their little girl may help force change.

They are realistic enough to know that even the tragedy of her loss may not be enough.

Alexandra’s father, Paul, spoke with me this afternoon, his face is stitched and scarred by the glass which tore into his home and his life.

Her mum Tracy wanted to speak but was too drained.

Both have dreadful injuries which count for nothing to them in the face of their loss.

They let us tell their story in the hope of engaging those beyond Lebanon’s borders.

At the end of a heartbreaking interview I asked Paul if there was anything else he would like to say: “Given our discussion is addressed to an international audience there is only one thing. Help.”