Wildfires rip through northern California

Wildfires have ruined large amounts of forestry. Credit: AP

A heatwave in California has resulted in huge wildfires in northern parts of the state.

High temperatures have caused dry conditions which has aided the fire to spread at speed, putting thousands of homes and more than 27 miles of bush and forestry at risk.

Firefighters have battled the blaze from the ground and the air, with planes brought in to spray the affected areas with water.

Temperatures have hit 38C, making conditions tougher for those attempt to put the fire out.

Credit: AP

Police in Azusa are hunting for a man who is believed to have started a fire on Thursday in Los Angeles County, which caused damage to 2,500 acres.

Further problems arose when a thunderstorm struck, as lightning hitting the ground caused more fires in the region.

“We set up a containment line at the top of the hills so the fire doesn’t spill over to the other side and cause it to spread, but it was obviously difficult given the erratic wind and some other conditions,” said fire spokesman Jake Miller.