'I feel a bit let down': Coronavirus costs cancer patient survival hope

There have long been predictions that deaths from what might otherwise be treatable cancers will rise because of coronavirus.Adrian Rogers is one of the first of the many patients for whom, terribly sadly, that is now coming true.Mr Rogers has liver cancer and should have had an operation in early April.

Doctors cancelled it because of the risks of catching coronavirus in hospital.

Now he's been told his cancer is terminal.

“I am right at rock bottom, at the moment, as I feel I have missed my chance," Mr Rogers told ITV News.

“I feel a bit let down by the government’s decision not to proceed with other cases of illness.

"I know Covid was very important but there were hospital beds left not being used, there were private hospitals not being used to full capacity, there were hospitals like the Nightingale left empty, surely they could have been utilised for people like me - and people that were worse than me - and had their treatment stopped."

Mr Rogers holds onto hope of extended his life through crowdfunding for a life-prolonging drug which is not available on the NHS in his area.

“He’s always been the love of my life, so will never ever give up our fight, right until the end … I’ll never give up,” Adrian’s wife Amanda says.