Amputee five-year-old with prosthetic legs who raised £1.6m for charity given treat he will never forget

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

A five-year-old boy who had both legs amputated after suffering abuse from his parents as a baby, has become an ‘honorary race driver’ for all-disabled Team BRIT.

At just 41 days old, Tony, from Kingshill in Kent, sustained a range of serious injuries which led to him being on life support and needing to have his legs amputated.

He continues to live with a dislocated hip and deafness in one ear.

He says he has been inspired by Captain Tom in his support of the NHS, setting himself the challenge to walk 10km in June with his new prosthetic legs and crutches.

He smashed the target and has now raised more than £1.6m for the Eveline London Children's Hospital that supported him when he needed it.

Team BRIT supports people with physical and psychological challenges in accessing motorsport.

Bear got to race with the team. Credit: ITV

When team founder Dave Player saw Tony's story he got in touch with his adoptive parents to offer him a place on the team.Tony’s adoptive mum Paula Hudgell said: “Meeting Team BRIT, gaining his ‘licence’ and receiving his amazing car has just been incredible for Tony.

“We want him to know that he can do whatever he wants to do, he might just have to do it slightly differently to other people. 

"We always tell him he’s not disabled, he’s differently able and Team BRIT share that belief.

Paula is aiming to fundraise £150,000 to give Tony the best possible equipment, walking aids and therapy at home and school.

You can donate here.