Can Donald Trump depend on Texas to elect him back into the White House?

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent

If Donald Trump is going to win in November he has to win in states like Texas, a state that has been voting for Republican presidents for decades. But the divisions in the state reflect that of the rest the country and Democrats sense an opportunity to benefit from what they see as the president's failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic and the simmering racial tension. George Floyd, whose death under the knee of a white police officer sparked protests across America, was from Houston and the people of Texas perhaps feel his death and its consequences greater than any other. A preacher tells ITV News he fears a race war if President Trump is reelected. Covid-19 has hit Texas hard and locals are angry.

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Dawn Rogers, a Democrat campaigner told ITV News: "I want to be the antithesis of what Donald Trump is, OK. So if speaking my mind, of being bold, of being a voice.

"If showing that black lives matter, that women do matter, that we are important, that we do not want to lock up children in cage and separate them from their families, that those are issues that need to be addressed, if that's wrong, I don't want to be right." But at the local golf club, Mr Trump supporters are every bit as vocal. The president presents himself as a defender of the American way of life, who will uphold law and order in the face of violent protesters. "He's not a politician, he tells it like it is, and people don't like that," Republican voter Sharon Cole tells us. "And that, frankly, is the reason why people are voting for him," adds Karen Lindsay. "It's not because it's because he's a good guy or nice guy."