Inconsistencies over Greece quarantine rules causing uncertainty for British holidaymakers

Imagine arriving on holiday only to hear that you will have to quarantine for 14 days when you return.

It will mean disruption at work and require you to take more of your annual leave entitlement. 

That's what has happened to Lara Campbell who flew to the Greek island of Kos from Glasgow.

On Tuesday, the Scottish government announced that from 4am on Thursday morning, anyone travelling from Greece to Scotland will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

What seems so bizarre to Lara is that in the hotel and at the pool-side she is mixing with people from England and Wales who will not need to self-isolate when they get home.  

However, this isn't true for all of Greece if you're returning to Wales.

On Tuesday, the Welsh government announced that all those returning to the country from Zante would have to quarantine for two weeks on their return.Some holidaymakers only heard they'd need to quarantine after touching down back in Wales from the popular holiday island.

Joe Vincent, who was one such traveller, says it is ridiculous that at the same airport planes were leaving for Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff - yet only passengers going to Wales will need to isolate.

Meanwhile, England has no self-isolation rule for the country.

Holidaymakers returning to Wales from Zante asked to quarantine. Credit: PA

The infection rate in Greece is 14 per 100,000 population, 20 in 100,000 is the threshold for the UK government to consider quarantine and it is expected to make an announcement tomorrow.

Three UK nations now have three separate policies on Greece.

This inconsistency can only add to the confusion and uncertainty that already surround travel plans.