Retailers struggle with 600 new books released in one day

  • Video report by ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn

Almost 600 books are due to be published tomorrow causing a logistical nightmare for sellers after many releases were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The nationwide lockdown saw many people increasing the amount they read, but it has still been a difficult time for the industry with many events and other promotions being cancelled.

Many are hoping Thursday's mega-launch will be the start of a new chapter, despite the difficulty of trying to find a spot on the shelves for all the new books.

Author Anne Cleeves encouraged people to visit independent bookshops, telling ITV News the staff would be able to suggest new books customers might have missed.

Thriller writer Lee Child told ITV News it was already very difficult to become a successful author, describing it as "a long game".

He said: "People know who I am now but believe me for the first six to eight books people had no idea who I was, it was like being published by the witness protection programme".

Poet Lemn Sissay agreed, telling ITV news: "It's about your commitment to the work and continuing on and on and on and not giving up."