Tory MP Andrew Bowie subject to shocking abuse over fish and chips photo

While some tweets leveled shocking abuse at the MP, most of them criticised the size of his meal.

A Tory MP has been subject to a shocking level of abuse online after posting a photograph of his evening meal on Twitter.

West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP Andrew Bowie had hundreds of insults thrown at him after he shared an image of his fish and chips.

Most of the comments criticised the size of the meal and the poor chip-to-fish ratio, but harsher attacks came from Twitter trolls who took aim at the MP's political affiliation.

Mr Bowie suggested the comments show that social media could put people off getting into politics however few people expressed sympathy in responses to the tweet.

One social media user said the comments were "utterly depressing," but the majority took the opportunity to further attack the fish and chips.

Criticising the meal, another user said: "It really doesn’t matter what’s your political persuasion... this just isn’t on."

The original tweet containing the photo was captioned: "Spent the evening talking fish? Only one option for dinner."

Replies were restricted on the post however many chose to retweet the MP with their comments.

Mr Bowie, 33, was elected to represent the Conservatives in 2017 and was reelected in 2019.