Peston: Breaching international law is allowed for ministers and civil servants

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. Credit: PA

Notwithstanding the "breach of international law," the cabinet secretary "has determined that ministers and officials are operating in accordance with their obligations under the ministerial code and civil service code".

Quite the most astonishing Whitehall statement I have seen.

I should point out that this is the Treasury solicitor serving up revenge piping hot.

More analysis on the matter from Robert Peston here:

This is a message he has emailed to 1500 government employed lawyers, in effect explaining that he cannot understand why Boris Johnson's attempt to legislate to break the UK's obligations under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is anything but wholly improper.

And he is asking the new cabinet secretary Simon Case to explain his mysterious reasoning.

Remember, Jonathan Jones resigned his job over this issue two days ago.

But somehow Johnson and Cummings allowed him to serve his three month notice.

Their supposed Whitehall purge looks more like a Whitehall farce.