World War Two mechanic reunited with his Battle of Britain fighter

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Martha Fairlie

A World War Two mechanic has been reunited with the Hurricane he used to maintain during the war.

It was Jeff Bereton's job to keep the Hurricanes airworthy and ready to take on the Luftwaffe.

He was clearly good at the job because the aircraft he worked on is the only used in the Battle of Britain that can still fly.

Mr Bereton's plane was the only one of 12 from the 605 squadron to survive the battle.

Mr Bereton said: "There were many times the pilots came down and said 'oh we're alright, I'm lucky I didn't get injured' and I would say 'well what about all these bullet holes?' and they didn't even know they were there."

It was the first time the 99-year-old had seen the Hurricane in 80 years.