Covid rules: Will the 10pm pub curfew be enough to stop the spread of coronavirus in the UK?

  • ITV News Health Editor Emily Morgan discusses the new measures

The government has announced a string of new measures aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus, but are they enough?

The new rules include curbs on pub opening times and tightening the rule of six, but they did not limit the ability to visit people's houses - one of the main causes of the growth in infections.

The government also started encouraging people to work from home again after only recently saying they should return to the office.

Credit: PA

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today accused Boris Johnson's new measures of not going far enough as she introduced bans on household visits across the country.

ITV News Health Editor Emily Morgan said: "The government quite obviously hopes they will be effective but there is real division on this about whether they have gone far enough."

She pointed out closing pubs and restaurants will have a small effect, but the hospitality sector has warned it will be a disaster for their industry.

Ms Morgan said: "I think the thinking is people will leave early, they won't drink so much so when they do leave they are much more likely to follow the guidance because they perhaps won't be drunk for when they get home."

Scientists have been split on if the new measures will be enough, with many saying their needs to be more to stop the virus getting out of control.

Morgan said: "Many of the scientific community believe these measures on their own won't bring down the R value.

"Many think that unless there are more stringent measures the cases of coronavirus will continue to increase for months to come."