Can we save our jobs? Robert Peston reveals his two big concerns as he analyses the looming threat to our working lives

Robert Peston
Robert Peston has been investigating his obsession on the future of work for the Tonight programme. Credit: ITV News

"The critical issue is not whether the economy as a whole will recover - it will. But it’s the nature of the recovery which matters."

While optimistic that Britain will restore economic order following the pandemic crash, Robert Peston is less confident about the future of our collective workforce.

It's a topic he has been investigating for the Tonight programme and readily admits, to presenter Julie Etchingham in this special recording for our Coronavirus: What You Need To Know podcast, that he's been "slightly obsessed with (the future of work) for years and years and years".

You can watch the full interview above or listen to it as a podcast here, on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. In the extended conversation, Robert explains to Julie what he learned from his many hours of filming and his key conversations with experts - and shares the two key concerns he has for those both in and out of work in 2020.However, he also argues why he is confident humans will always have jobs to do amid fears of robots replacing vast areas of our workforce.You can watch Robert's full report on Tonight: Can We Save Our Jobs? on ITV at 7.30pm on Thursday 24 September - or catch up on the ITV Hub