From solicitor to plumber: How people are retraining to cope during coronavirus pandemic

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for construction courses has gone through the roof, as many fear they will never be able to return to their previous work.

Recruitment experts have also said more of us will need to retrain as the world of work changes rapidly during these uncertain times.

Jimmy Adkins, who is a gas tutor at Access Training Academies in London, told ITV's Tonight Programme demand has been "crazy" as his company has seen everyone from taxi drivers to solicitors training to become engineers or plumbers.

Chris Kruger is a chef, but now he is training to become a gas engineer.

He described the lack of work and job uncertainty as "very stressful and very worrying".

Mr Kruger said: "Not knowing whether things were going to go back to normal, whether I would still have a job, and the situation at home expecting a baby and so forth, and my partner also being in the hospitality industry. So both of us sitting on furlough, youcan imagine the stress that we were getting from that."

He added: "I just said, no, I need to utilise this time to study."

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