Melanie C talks socially distanced music and catching up with the Spice Girls during lockdown

For 'Sporty Spice' Mel C, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that she has had to find creative ways to perform at a social distance.

"I've found it very challenging like everybody," she told ITV News. "I am missing people, being in a venue, being able to have that energy exchange when you perform."

She incorporated social distancing into the video for her new single, In And Out Of Love.

"Like everybody in entertainment, we've had to become very creative in the way we entertain the fans out there," Mel C said.

"I wanted to make a video, we followed all the rules at the time, my dancers being over a metre apart and it was fun to be in a work environment but still a little bit surreal having to wear PPE backstage. I think it is important to try and adapt and so as much as we can in these troubled times."

But she said she has managed to have a socially distanced meet-up with the rest of the Spice Girls when lockdown restrictions were eased earlier in the year.

"We did all meet up a few months ago," she said. "We popped over to Geri's and had a socially distanced walk in the woods and it was lovely. We wanted to get together just to reconnect, check in with each other."