Fleetwood Mac star Mick Fleetwood suggests collaboration with viral Dreams TikTok skateboarder

Mick Fleetwood has responded to a viral TikTok star who broke the internet with a video of himself skateboarding down a highway, drinking juice, and singing along to the band's 1977 hit Dreams.

The Fleetwood Mac drummer has hinted at a possible collaboration with Nathan Apodaca, who has more than 32 million views on the clip.

Fleetwood even recreated the now iconic scene himself - creating a TikTok account solely to share the video and connect with Apodaca.

The 73-year-old tagged Apodaca in the post, writing he "had it right. Dreams and Cranberry just hits different".

The pair, who have since connected over TikTok, mentioned the idea of collaboration if it weren't for the coronavirus pandemic.

The original video, created by Apodaca after his car broke down, features the warehouse worker skateboarding to work as an alternative - singing along to Dreams and swigging cranberry juice.

After the post hit the big time, Apodaca was gifted a new truck by drinks company Ocean Spray - filled with cranberry juice.

But the biggest win for the TikTok star? He says he feels "blessed" if his video allowed people to "vibe out just for, even just 15 to 30 seconds".