Covid: Inside Blackpool Victoria Hospital where intensive care unit is at full capacity

  • Video report by ITV News Health Editor Emily Morgan

Senior medical advisers have warned Covid-19 is spreading quite rapidly across the UK, and moving from younger people to older age groups.

It comes as the latest daily figures show a further 13,972 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK, bringing the total number of Covid cases to 617,688.

More concerning though is the number of hospital admissions in England which rose by 40% in a week to 3,665 patients.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital invited ITV News' Health Editor Emily Morgan inside their Covid intensive care ward - which is already at full capacity - to see the impact of another surge in cases.

Dr Jason Cupitt told ITV News about the daily challenges NHS staff are facing as Covid cases rise.

He said: "One of the hardest things we find is not allowing relatives to come and visit, we've spoken to relatives on the phone about how sick their loved ones are, or that they're loved ones are dying.

"We always get relatives to see the patients, everyday and talk to them face-to-face but having to do that over the phone, I think is challenging everyone."

He also added the stresses of wearing full PPE "the heat and being faced with huge pressures from Covid and the winter pressure we normally have to work under" were placing additional stresses on staff.

One patient told ITV News everything has come "falling down" as both he and his wife are being treated for Covid-19.

William Murray added that it had only been a few weeks since he went to his daughter's wedding.

He said: "So we had a wedding and then all this has come falling down, my wife is now at the hospital with it, obviously I'm worried about her. But I can't fault these people, worth every cent they get paid."

Mr Murray added: "I stayed in for 12 weeks, isolated, everything was going right, couldn't do any more than what we did."