Covid: 'Protecting NHS staff from infection is more important than ever', intensive care unit doctor tells ITV News

An intensive care doctor from South Wales has told ITV News that "protecting NHS staff from [Covid] infection is more important than ever".

Speaking on ITV's Lunchtime News, Dr Matt Morgan, who works at the University Hospital of Wales, said: "I've just worked the weekend that has gone and I probably look and I feel tired and that's because the numbers are going up.

"You know this is predictable, there are higher infections that's followed by further hospitalisations a few weeks later, which is followed by further intensive care cases a few weeks later."

When asked about how treatment compares to six months ago at the start of the pandemic, Dr Morgan said: "This definitely does feel different and for the public listening and those concerned, you know, there is absolutely hope in that the treatments we have work."

"We can reduce the number of people dying on intensive care machines by up to a third because of some of the treatments that came out of the recovery study run by the University of Oxford."

He adds: "But the thing which is critical especially when going into a long winter is staff, you know it's not beds who care for people, it's people who care for people - and so protecting the staff with infections is more important than ever."