How ITV News led the way in breaking stories of claims of emotional abuse and bullying in British Gymnastics

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ITV News has led the way in exposing a catalogue of allegations of physical and mental abuse and bullying across British Gymnastics.

Here's a breakdown of the stories we have brought into the open and the timeline of events.

July 6 – ITV News Exclusive ‘Beaten and Starved’ stuns the sport. Gymnast Catherine Lyons and Olympian Lisa Mason reveal shocking mental and physical abuse that would spark a torrent of athletes speaking out.

July 7 – British Gymnastics launch QC-led review in wake of the allegations

July 7 – ITV News leads its major bulletins once again with more exclusive interviews. 2012 Olympian Francesca Fox tells of her fat-shaming and eight-year-old Paige Southern-Reason claims she was left hanging from a horizontal bar with her pain and tears ignored

July 8 – Louis Smith, who won Britain’s first individual Olympic medal for a century, speaks out about the “culture of fear” within British Gymnastics

July 9 – Cartoon Network becomes first official partner to break ties with British Gymnastics 

July 9 – Becky and Ellie Downie say abusive behaviour “ingrained” in their daily lives 

July 10 – Gymnasts call for British Gymnastics CEO Jane Allen to stand down 

July 10 – Jane Allen says she is “appalled and ashamed” by allegations in letter to members, refuses to apologise to gymnasts

July 10 – BAC chairperson questions independence of review 

July 11 – Gymnast tells ITV she “begged” her coach to stop 

July 13 – Gymnasts tell ITV News GB trampoline head coach Craig Lowther put them through “daily humiliation”

July 14 – Rio Olympic medalist Amy Tinkler reveals she made a formal complaint in December 2019 and quit the sport because of “negative experiences”

July 16 – Olympian Beth Tweddle says there’s no place for bullying or abuse in “the sport I love” 

July 16 – UK Sport and Sport England take over from British Gymnastics to lead inquiry  

July 18 – Ireland’s first Olympic female gymnast Ellis O’Reilly reveals shocking treatment training in London

July 20 – British Athletes Commission and NSPCC launch confidential helpline for gymnasts

July 22 – ITV News brings together gymnasts from Athlete A film and those now inspired to speak out

July 30 – Former employees tell ITV News Jane Allen “fostered a culture of fear” 

Aug 7 – ITV News reveals Jane Allen steps down from her UK Sport roles but remains in charge of British Gymnastics

Aug 7 – Coach Claire Barbieri suspended

Aug 10 – Olympian Nile Wilson tells BBC gymnasts are ‘treated like pieces of meat’

Aug 14 – Jane Allen writes op-ed in Telegraph – refuses to speak to ITV News.

Aug 18 – Former World Champion says he attempted to take his own life 

Aug 23 – Simone Biles’ former coach urges British gymnasts to continue speaking up

Aug 24 – ITV News reveals GB Women’s head coach Amanda Reddin is under investigation

Aug 25 – Whyte Review begins with call for evidence

Aug 25 – Amy Tinkler reveals Amanda Reddin is part of her complaint

Aug 26 – Amanda Reddin “temporarily steps aside”

Aug 27 – Hundreds of calls made to gymnastics abuse helpline 

Sept 4 – Coaches Roy Weavers and Helen Potter suspended 

Sept 7 – ITV reveals that four Olympians are among gymnasts launching legal action against British Gymnastics

Sept 9 – Anger after ITV breaks the news that Ellie Downie’s weight-shaming complaint “not upheld” 

Sept 13 – Four key staff members suspended at Olympian’s former club 

Sept 16 – Amy Tinkler accuses Jane Allen of “hanging gymnasts out to dry”

Sept 28 – Tinkler claims British Gymnastics lied

Sept 29 – ITV News reveals abusive coaches are free to set up in another country after being sanctioned 

Sept 30 – Emails reveal top British coach Colin Still used the term “fat dwarf” in email to Amy Tinkler

Oct 1 – World Athletics president Seb Coe tells ITV News it shouldn’t be that hard for British Gymnastics to apologise to victims

Oct 10 – Amy Tinkler gives first TV interview to ITV News 

Oct 13 – Jane Allen announces retirement